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  • 80% dry roasted hazelnuts. 20% dark chocolate.

    No added oil or preservatives.

    High Protein | Vegetarian | Gluten Free

    Hazelnuts are a great source of natural fibre, Vitamin E & folate - an essential nutrient during pregnancy.

    Dark chocolate is rich in Omega-3 and anti-oxidants that promote cardiovascular and brain health.

    Handcrafted in small batches to ensure highest quality.


    Health Tip: A great replacement to unhealthy sugar-filled chocolate spreads - this one is loaded with the goodness of nuts and dark chocolate, that's it - 100% satisfaction guranteed!


    Eat it with: Add to the batter of muffins or cookies; add to coffee, milkshakes or smoothies; drizzle over desserts – ice cream, cake, fruits; slather over toast.

    Keep refrigerated.

    Oil separation is a natural process, stir well before use.

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